Chiropractic for weekend warriors

There are many different categories of « weekend warriors ».

One of these, represents those of us who spend most of the week with little to no physical activity until the weekend. Then the « weekend warrior » will take those 1 to 2 days to go all out on which ever activity their heart desires. And most of the time this will not include any sort of warm up, because no one has time for that right? 

This approach can be very brutal on the body which had not been solicited much during the week and will suddenly be imposed to perform a physical activity. This can provoke aches and pains, or even cause compensatory patterns as the body may not have been ready or use to these activities. If these compensations are not taken into account and addressed properly they can in-turn create even more problems later on. A chiropractor can be part of the solution to avoid these issues by assessing and addressing any compensatory patterns.  

An other category includes those of us who work mainly sited at a desk all day and manage to have a daily or regular physical activity. In this category, we can still encounter the same types of problems we have just discussed, especially if a warm-up is not included prior to the physical activity.  Even with regular physical activity, the body can have a hard time keeping up, especially in our current society and life style. 

Now days we spend most of our time sitting: sitting while eating, sitting at a desk, sitting while driving, sitting in front of the TV…  You get the picture. This has been even more intensified with the current work-from-home situation. The sitting position throughout the day can contrasts with a sudden physical activity. This can provoke compensatory patterns as the body will usually adapt to avoid pain while trying to keep up with the demands of the activity. A chiropractor can also help in these situations by assessing the body as a whole and addressing any related issues or compensatory patterns that might be present. 

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Dr. Margot Monmousseau

Doctor of Chiropractic

Palmer College of Chiropractic West (U.S.A.)


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